At HERBSUTRA, we aspire to bridge the gap between skincare and nature.
Our mission is to ensure that your skin falls in love with nature.

Founded in the year 2017 and in production from January 2018, with extensive research on natural ingredients from across the globe, HERBSUTRA is headquartered in Indore with an additional manufacturing facility in Mumbai. Our line of luxurious products has been created by carefully studying ancient beauty secrets from Egypt, China, Greece, India, Korea and Japan.


We are committed to offering a wide range of affordable high-quality products based on customer needs, made with the finest active ingredients.


HERBSUTRA is a natural brand of personal care products that shares benefits from nature with ingredients of a specific biosphere, while simultaneously, encouraging an eco-friendly attitude to preserve the balance of nature. Herbsutra Earth Eco Drive is a testimony to our belief in giving back to nature.You can check this post below to get more detailed good results ruby slot

To make the best use of our research and provide customers with unmatched quality, our products are made with a highly advanced ‘QUATRE TECHNOLOGY’, which includes:


Nano-Technology– HERBSUTRA ensures that the active ingredient molecules used in the products are lower than 250 microns.


Time-Release Technology – The active ingredients are loaded in micelles which release round the clock .


Counter-permeation Technology – The nano-particles work from the deepest layer of skin outwards.


Fermenoil Technology – Fermented oils have 50-70% fatty acid value while other oils have just 15-25% fatty acid value. Hence, is more nutrition packed for the skin.

HERBSUTRA strives to keep your skin care regimen simple, natural and effective; without harmful chemicals.


Most personal care products, including baby care, contain harmful ingredients. Consumers may be unaware of their adverse effects due to a scarcity of alternative personal care brands that are completely natural.


Owing to our innovative formulae at HERBSUTRA, we have revolutionized natural skincare products to make them cruelty free, with exceptional quality ingredients that are certified organic with biotope origin. A biotope is a small and well-defined area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life (flora and fauna).

We are committed to the wellness of the planet, and strive hard to harness nature’s potential, and to utilize the finest modern technology to generate a market oriented, tried-and- tested product range.


Our products comply with the latest manufacturing regulations and all raw materials are sourced naturally. All our high-quality ingredients have ECOCERT certifications.


We ensure that we strictly test our range of products across several parameters of quality.

Herbsutra loves the green, natural and eco-friendly vibe!

So, say goodbye to harsh, synthetic, lifeless skincare products and embrace
the new world of skin & healthcare products by HERBSUTRA.


Nature is the world’s most innovative and resourceful chemist.


We strive to educate and empower our customers to recognize that they have a choice in their beauty and wellness routines. We believe that everyone deserves access to natural and safe personal care products and that when you know better, you do better.


Safe and natural products, free of harsh chemicals and toxins

About The Founder

Dr. Nabil Parvez, founder of HERBSUTRA and  ACEAKOZ, is an entrepreneur with a track record of commercializing novel chemistry-based innovations. He has a strong medical and public health background and intensive research in biotechnology, biochemistry, phytochemistry, human anatomy & physiology, disease pathology and material science. His experience encompasses product R&D, Global business development and marketing.