Buy 1 Get 1 Tree!

Rainforests take 60-100 million years to evolve. Home to over half of the world’s animal and plant diversity, they absorb our greenhouse gases, produce the oxygen we breathe and provide 25% of our medicines. In return… we cut them down mercilessly. With every passing minute, forests the size of 20 football fields are razed to the ground. Regarding complete information and facts, observe right ruby slot

According to the NASA Earth Observatory, if the current rate of deforestation continues, the world’s rain forests will vanish within a 100 years!

The HERBSUTRA EARTH ECO DRIVE is an initiative by HERBSUTRA, to save trees and give back to the earth that has given us our sustenance.

The value of a tree : The various environmental benefits received during the 50 years span of growth of a Pipul tree, which grows luxuriantly with an average weight of 6 tonnes in India, have been valued at Rupees three crores fifty-four lacs.

Extravagant and wasteful consumption is the root cause of many of the environmental problems we face today – our consumption levels go way beyond our basic needs and eco-capacity. People worldwide need a change in their mindsets if these problems are to be overcome, and at HERBSUTRA, we intend to mobilise our enthusiasm to bring about this change.

Hence, HERBSUTRA has taken an initiative to establish HERBSUTRA EARTH ECO DRIVE.s given us everything.

This drive seeks to plant a tree for every product sold by HERBSUTRA. In 2017, HERBSUTRA formed a team and planted 1,000 trees in the tropical rain forest area of Madhya Pradesh Narmada River region.

We extend to you the joy and power to support the HERBSUTRA EARTH ECO DRIVE. With every HERBSUTRA product you buy, you will be provided with a pack of seeds and instructions to be reared and nurtured by you.

Being a small team, HEED won’t be able to turn around a sick planet. We need YOU, so that together WE can instil the love for the Earth in each heart. HEED’s core value of cherishing the Earth can only thrive as we, the people, join hands to heal the planet that has given us everything.

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